Kim Smith, M.Ed, LPC (temp)

Thank you so much for opening up your mind and hearts to my blog. I have been in the Mental Health field for about 4 years now. I started off as a Case Manager, and after receiving my Masters in Education in Human Development and Counseling from Vanderbilt University, began working as Full Time Mental Health Counselor. My goal both as a therapist and with this blog is to normalize everyone's journey of healing and bettering themselves. Setting up good self care habits is just the first step. The more aware you are of what you want and need for yourself, the sooner you can make those things a reality. 

This blog is more a reflection of my personal journey with a hint of professional insight along the way. If seeking a more formal setting to work on yourself can find me at Connect Counseling Center, LLC #goodvibesonly 

*This blog is not sponsored by Connect  Counseling Center, LLC in any way. Simply given as  point of reference or resources*